Carriage House

Historical Mansion in Michigan

The Felt estate boasted extensive gardens, orchards, cornfields, a diary, vineyards, and a small zoo that was open to the public.  And of course, an automobile or three. The Felt mansion served as a prep school for young men (under the title St. Augustine Seminary). Classes took place in the carriage house and the mansion was used for housing students.

The Carriage House on the Felt Estate

The Carriage House, an original building of the Felt Estate, was built in 1919 as a garage for Dorr Felt’s many automobiles. The second floor of the carriage house served as living quarters for the caretakers of the estate. Today, The Friends of the Felt Estate are restoring the Carriage House and adapting it for use as a cultural center for private use and public events. The Carriage House is in the final stages of renovation; however there are numerous finished rooms that offer a unique setting for a wedding, party or even a concert or two.

Carriage House Rental

This site offers a grassy-tree backdrop for a ceremony as well as an indoor option. The Carriage House and Tent can accommodate 100-125 guests. All tables, chairs, linens, tableware, table-dressing, heaters, catering and beverages are the responsibility of the renter.

The main floor has handicap-accessible restrooms, a caterer’s kitchen, and an event room that opens up onto a covered outdoor patio. The second floor will soon have areas where brides and grooms may dress and prepare for their special day.

The rental fee for the Carriage House and Tent is $1250 for Friday and Sunday and $1950 for Saturday. The fee includes the use of the carriage house, tent and immediate grounds for (10) hours.

Carriage House Rental

Timeless and unique, the carriage house has everything you are looking for. If you are considering renting the carriage house, please contact our rental coordinator: 616.218.0078.